Sixsixty wants to support and partner with local businesses, to enable people to develop their own business.

The vision is to build a number of contemporary small offices for 2–5 people for new businesses, small local enterprises or local charities/voluntary groups. There would also be a conference room available to be used with the offices.

We would look to provide basic infrastructure as well as develop partnerships which would be able to offer support to new businesses.

Our vision is to provide these offices at reduced rates as a result of growth in other areas of the business.

There would also be 2 offices set up as rentable hot desk spaces. These will have the same infrastructure as the other offices. It would offer people the ability to rent a desk for as little as half a day with no commitment. This will give people who work at home an alternative place to work. It would also offer anyone a quiet space to be able to work with network connectivity.