There are a lot of people who help and support six sixty. Each event has a team of people who work together to prepare and run the event who without the events would not be possible.

An advisory board has been set up to ensure six sixty moves forward in the right direction. The board is made up of 6 people with a cross section of skills and ability we believe will make sure we can meet our goal of providing the environment talked about on these pages.

Isobelle Doughty

I am one of the people who was part of the initial discussions on six sixty in 2010 and am now the company director. I came to Reading in 1994 to study youth and community work at Reading University and graduated in 1997. I then decided to move into IT as I wasn’t ready for a community job at that time. I have been an IT project manager for 12 years and have worked on a variety of projects and bids for large companies. I am now 37, married to Chris and have 2 great children who are 8 and 4 years old. I have lived in Earley since 1994 and really love the area. I am genuinely stirred up by six sixty and would love the opportunity to provide this environment to my local community.

Jaimie Chana

I am fortunate to have been asked to take part in the development of Six Sixty from an advisory perspective. I have been involved in a couple of community projects in the last 10 years of residing in Reading and Bracknell. Having studied Biomedical Sciences (BSC Hons) in Nottingham, worked in London and across Berkshire within the pharmaceutical industry for the last 13 years, my career has progressed to senior manager for UK (departmental operations). I am married and have been bringing up my 3 young children full-time for the past 3 years. During this time I qualified in childcare and worked in a local pre-school. I now volunteer at my children’s’ school at every opportunity. I am pleased to have the personal experience, enthusiasm, community integration ideas and the time to commit to this exciting venture.

Linda Mitchell

Over the years I have worked in a very wide range of settings: engineering to publishing, education to film production, business to voluntary sector, international company to small business start-up. Through much of my career I have worked predominantly in marketing, sales and management, but my involvement in such a variety of contexts has given me an extremely broad perspective and breadth of experience. I grew up in Earley and have lived here most of my life. Consequently I have a very good understanding, and love for, the local area. I am married to Chris and have 2 teenage boys who both attend school locally. I love the heart, vision and passion of six sixty, and feel privileged to be involved in an advisory capacity.

John Duffield

I’m happy to support all the areas of six sixty’s activity, but have a particular interest in business and innovation. As an independent professional Project Manager, I have led technology projects in the public and private sectors for education, financial services and IT organisations. Over the years, I’ve been director/trustee for eight different establishments and am currently a Foundation Governor for a local secondary school. I’m married to a healthcare worker and we have three wonderful children. We first moved to Earley in 1992 and it remains a community I want to contribute to. I hope that I’ll be able to support six sixty in the areas of planning, finance and delivery.