Our Story

This page is to tell you about the six sixty story as it happens.

What’s in a name?

In 2010 a group of friends started talking about the old Kia Garage opposite the George and the showcase cinema in Earley , Reading. The outcome was that we all thought that it would be an ideal place for a children’s indoor play area and café and potentially some artist space and small offices.

Over a year we continued to talk about it on and off and then a small group decided to try and do something about turning the vision we had into a reality. After constantly ‘googling’ the site and looking at the previous planning applications for it I realised that I kept typing in the address which is 660 Wokingham Road. In discussing it with the wider group we agreed to call our project 660 as this is where our dreams first started.

The name then changed from 660 to six sixty as there were concerns when saying 660 people would say it different. We are very fortunate that Stuart Gordon designed the six sixty logo which we loved and so are keeping it.

The vision

In our discussions on six sixty we kept coming back to the 4 key themes of play, art, business and innovation. As people who want to work in these areas, this is where our heart is and so this is where we want to start. This is what we have based our bigger vision of the building on but it is also what we base our events on.

Why Events?

At the start of 2012 we were really challenged about what we could do now with six sixty. It was agreed that we could run events along our key themes to support and promote the community in these areas. We need to raise a lot of money for the bigger vision of a building and by doing events we hope to promote six sixty to the local community as well as show the organizations we will be approaching for funding we are serious about what we want to do and prove we are capable of doing it.

The physical building is a big unknown at present. It might be the original garage that started our dreams but equally it might be somewhere else, depending on funding and availability of space when we do get the money.

The first six sixty event

On 31st March 2012 we held our first arts day. We had seven stalls in total, all with different arts or crafts, some which you could try and other you could just buy from. We also ran a café for people to enjoy the relaxed environment and meet other people with similar interests. The day was a great success with about 150 people coming along and enjoying it.

Our first Go Kart Race and Fun Day

We had an amazing day on 1st July at Laurel Park, Earley. There were 6 brave teams who made a go kart and raced them for us all to enjoy. Ben from the team certainly put them through their paces with 2 time trials, drag races and one final race with everyone. The children enjoyed the bouncy castle, slide and face painting while the adults enjoyed the sun and the refreshments. Pictures were taken by Tremeer Photography.


It is this year that we are looking for funding to buy and build our bigger vision of center. We are looking at a mixture of grants and social investment to make this happen. We will continue to run arts and craft days and the Go Kart race day but the funding is the main focus of this year.